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public procurement →
Breaches of public procurement and public procurement law, such as

- inadequate publication of a contract award notice;
- collusion in procurement procedures;
- the setting of excessively short tender deadlines.
money laundering and financing of terrorism →
Breaches of rules on the prevention of money laundering or terrorist financing, such as

- accepting financing whose funds were generated through illegal activities.
product safety and conformity →
Breaches of rules on product safety and conformity, such as

- the production or distribution of products that fail the necessary product safety requirements.
environmental protection →
Breaches of environmental protection regulations, such as

- the improper storage or disposal of dangerous waste;
- the improper handling of chemicals;
- pollution of water, soil or air.
radiation protection and nuclear safety →
Infringements of regulations on radiation protection and nuclear safety, such as

- the failure to take protective and safety measures required by law.
Food and feed safety, animal health and welfare →
Infringements of food and feed safety and animal welfare regulations, such as

- the conduct of unauthorised animal testing;
- violations of statutory food safety requirements.
public health →
Breaches of public health regulations, such as

- violation of pandemic containment regulations.
consumer protection →
E.g. violations of the Consumer Protection Act
Protection of privacy and personal data as well as security of network and information systems →
Breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act, such as

- the unauthorised disclosure of data;
- the falsification of data;
- the improper use of collected data;
- inadequate protection of internal networks.
Prevention and punishment of criminal offences under §§ 303 to 309 of the Austrian Strafgesetzbuch (StGB) →
The realisation of criminal offences according to §§ 302 to 309 StGB, such as

- abuse of office
- corruption
- acceptance of advantage
- bribery
- prohibited intervention
- acceptance of gifts and bribery of staff or agents.
antitrust and competition law →
Infringements of European rules on competition and state aid, such as

 - unlawful price fixing.